A multi-functional robot for your observation missions

The NERVA® LG can effectively complement operational systems due to its robustness, reliability and ease of use.

It is a multi-purpose platform for remote missions: observation, detection, destruction (IED), manipulation, jamming, triggering (trip wires), etc.


A unique platform

The NERVA® LG is particularly well suited for reconnaissance in hazardous areas to detect possible IED or CBRN threats.

Easy to use, disposable by hand and with a speed of 13km/h, this robot adapts to the dynamics of your operations.


An ultra versatile robot.

The NERVA® LG can be reconfigured in the field in seconds without requiring any tools: change of wheels, tracks, modules, batteries.

It always provides the best performance in the most varied intervention contexts. It can be deployed and operated by a man on foot or from a vehicle using an ergonomically advanced control station, thus providing a natural extension to intervention vehicles.

nerva lg robot


  • Change the battery in 1 click
  • Change the wheels in 1 click
  • Change modules in 1 click
nerva lg robot
  • 8-12 μm band
  • Uncooled imager, 640 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Thermal sensitivity < 50 mK
  • Frequency: 9 Hz (standard; 25 Hz on request but ITAR licence required)
  • Focal length to be specified at time of order, available from 7.5mm to 25mm.
  • Horizontal field of view from 90° to 25° respectively.
  • NERVA-LG Plug & Play
nexter robot nerva

This additional kit provides the NERVA-LG and NERVA-HD robots with a fully automatic exploration and mapping capability: placed in an unknown area, the robot moves through the entire reachable space and constructs in real time a 2-dimensional map, displayed and stored on its Command and Control Station; beyond its immediate interest, the map can then be used a posteriori, to guide and locate the robot in the areas of interest or more generally to support the mission in progress.

The operator also has the possibility to direct the exploration towards priority areas; during its movements, the robot automatically detects and avoids obstacles (including mobile ones).

robot léger de cartographie

The AP4C detector is used to detect chemical warfare agents and industrial chemicals.

The AP4C is used in more than 40 countries by various organisations: armed forces, civil protection, police forces, border guards, first responders, etc.

This module allows you to integrate your AP4C detector on your robot with: 1 x mechanical support, 1 x electrical interface with cable and connector, 1 x software (control station).

capteur robot nerva de Nexter

Supports for Standard ABL2000L (AB PRECISION), or RE50-28 M2 (CHEMRING) or 12,5 mm Recoilless (PROPARMS) or Carbon Fire 10, or CTS Lance.

Other models on request.

The Fixed Switch Stand is equipped with :

  • 2 x designation lasers
  • 1 x μ-camera sight
  • Control from the control station

NERVA-LG Plug & Play

The Motorised Switch Stand is equipped with :

  • 1 x Tilt motorization
  • 2 x laser designators
  • 1 x μ-camera sight
  • Control from the control station

NERVA-LG Plug & Play

disrupteur nerva de Nexter

The grenade launcher is designed to be a single shot, triggered from your control station. It is compatible with non-lethal ammunition such as

  • NATO 40mm or 56mm grenades
  • Smoke generator
  • Tear gas
  • Flash grenade
  • Stun grenade

The grenade launcher can be used in all types of crisis situations.

nexter robot nerva
  • Camera module for monitoring vehicle chassis at the entrance or exit of a site, including a colour camera and visible lighting.
  • Complementary to the omni-directional wheel kit model NLGSP-SWW.
    NERVA-LG Plug & Play
robot inspection de véhicule securité civile
  • The smoke generator is triggered remotely from your control station.
  • It is capable of filling a 100m3 volume with smoke in less than 90 seconds.
nexter robot nerva

Carry and deposit any type of object (C4, medication, position indicator, sensor…).

Maximum size 150 x 100 x 50 mm, maximum weight 1 kg.

The deposit is remotely controlled from the control station (laptop or vehicle) in order to deliver explosive charges and other components while remaining safe.

robot de transport defense armée
  • Compatible with the PEARL system (ACOEM METRAVIB)
  • Detection of small arms: 5.56 mm to 20 mm
  • Detection distance: 1 km – Response time less than 1s
  • Angular accuracy: ±7.5°.
  • NERVA Plug & Play
robot détection de coup de feu armée défense

Varied equipment: Standard module (1-click plug&play) with a short picatinny rail that can be equipped with any compatible equipment: lamp (visible or IR), laser designator, rangefinder, etc.

Remote activation and deactivation:

  • Extended range of operations
  • Protects personnel (cave exploration, etc.)
robot léger sécurité civile armée défense
  • This module is used by police forces and first responders for the purpose of remote communication with a third party (victim, negotiation with a perpetrator, etc.).
  • It combines a highly sensitive microphone with a powerful speaker.
  • The module is also designed to generate pre-recorded sounds or messages (configurable).
robots nerva de nexter robotics micro

Motorised observation turret with 2 two axes Site: -30° / +90° Bearing: 360°.

Rotation speed: 50°/s. High-sensitivity daytime camera Optical zoom: x36.

This PTZ camera is also available in a day/night version (colour and thermal image).

The PTZ camera is designed for long distance observation, license plate identification, etc.

robot nexter robotics- camera embarquée



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